Industrial Relations


The Faculty of Engineering Sciences takes part in many far–reaching industrial research tasks, development work and complex projects, of which the majority are done in cooperation with other participants of industry and economy from and around Győr. We have several connections to companies, research institutes and universities from other regions in Hungary as well as abroad. We can say that the current R&D projects and scientific activities cover the full spectrum of engineering and IT specialties belonging to the faculty. All experience from our connections to the industry greatly contribute to the development of the faculty, the further development of its training activity as well as the professional development and competency of our research and teaching staff. Furthermore we see that it positively affects our students ability to find work as well. The management of the faculty believes that establishing strong research and development relations between the university, the faculty and participants of the industry is essential, just as well as maintaining and broadening the existing ones. Mutual R&D projects strengthen the research potential of the faculty and encourage practice-oriented engineer training.

Every year the university, together with the Centre of Knowledge Management and International Relations operating at the university, prepares its annual report and a catalogue called Tools and Research Capacities ( From these publications we can see that 21 departments of the faculty maintain almost 600 relations with various participants of the industry, public administration, universities and research institutes. In addition to this we have active connections with all secondary schools in our field of research and many small and medium size enterprises, subcontractors and research institutes.



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